Wednesday, December 21, 2011

American Horror Story Season Finale

When I first wrote about American Horror Story, I was not as enthusiastic as I am now. I got hooked around episode 6 and now I am a fan. I hope that the opening sequence becomes as popular and famous as the X-Files and Tales From the Darkside openings. I like the story structure that they use, in which they give the viewer more and more details about the house with each episode. I love the web interactivity that they created with their Family Portrait site that introduces the characters and gives clues about their story, their You're going to die in there site that let's you walk through the home in different time periods and learn more about what happened there, and the Google+ American Horror Story page in where people can discuss the show. So I was all geared up for the season finale.


I decided to just write my thoughts and reactions as I was watching, so here they are:

Why is this in soft focus?
Oh it's ghost family time.
That is a hell of a ambush! I expected something to happen but I didn't expect Ben to get hanged, by Hayden, Patrick and who was the third person? Was it one of the cult girls who broke in the house wanting to recreate the murders?

I like this new family. Love the "Can you believe this b!t¢h?" look they shared when the realtor made that racist comment.
Gabriel just had to skateboard in the house. The twins are already effing with him.
Oh Constance, you really make this show!
Violet likes Gabe, and Tate saw them talking so he's getting all psycho.
The new couple just happens to want a baby now too?
If the ghosts in the house keep killing people in the house, won't it get wicked crowded in there eventually?

Hayden's reaction to getting her throat slashed, "Oh $h!t" was too funny.
Violet is pulling a Tate by showing up in Gabe's room uninvited.
The husband is sleep walking. Is it time to play with fire again? Rubberman! Is that Ben?
Gabe and Tate are....are talking? Struggling, and Violet saves Gabe from Tate. Yay Violet!
Oh Crap! (Jumps in seat, at the sight of Larry's wife still simmering, no literally you can see steam rising of her.) So that's who's making people burn their hands.

All the ghosts are on the loose. Where is the Infantata? Doesn't he get to come out and play?
This is kind of like Beetlejuice in that the ghosts are trying to get the living to leave the house, even though they have different motivations.
[ETA: upon second viewing I notice that Vivian disemboweled Ben. I didn't even notice that the 1st time. Am I that desensitized to gore? Yes, yes I am.]
That family got out of dodge fast.
They just showed the preview for "Devil Inside", and it's still freaky no matter how many times I see it.

At this rate, that house is going to be worth $100.00 US (which makes it worth even less since the exchange rate is kicking the dollar's @$$).
"In 1994 I set my step-dad on fire, I murdered 15 students at Westfield High, I killed the gay couple that lived here before you, and I raped your wife. I also stole the Lindbergh baby, shot JFK, Tupac and Biggie and co-piloted one of the planes that flew into the Twin Towers." -Tate (OK he only said the the first sentence.)

So, did they just forget about the other baby? Where did they get a Christmas tree?
Constance, that is definitely a grandmother's hairstyle. Well, lacefront wig really, but still. (Jessica Lange needs several awards for this monologue in the mirror. So far she is nominated for a Golden Globe.) I just realized that the baby boy she is going on about may be the antichrist.
Wow her fridge is 60 years old!
Look Gramma I killed the nanny! Tate 2.0? Nope, Micheal is the antichrist. He's definitely got a Damien thing going on.

That was a fun ride, but they still left so many questions unanswered. I have a feeling that this is the type of show that gets ridiculously good in season two, because season one took it's time to lay the groundwork and develop the characters so that you actually care what happens to them.

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  1. I really enjoyed the season finale of American Horror Story, I was sad to find out that the Harmons will not return next season! I really would like to see them fight to the new family that will be moving into the house. Oh well, I guess that will make for a huge surprise and raise the suspense for the next season. I do regret though that I went though the first half of the season with a standard definition TV. Now that I have HD all my favorite shows will be that much better to me. I was really happy because I am getting all my channels in HD for free. DISH is actually offering HD free for life to all customers; I was even able to get it with my employee DISH account.


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