Friday, September 30, 2011

She's Back!

Hello all! How do you like the new look? You can change the views yourself to suit your tastes right there in the top left hand corner. Tell me what you think of it.  I already decided that although it was pretty it didn't work well. All that glitters isn't gold. In other news, my favorite month is coming up, and I feel like having a writing spree. But, first I want to thank my readers. I am always pleasantly surprised by how many people have read my little blog, in so many countries! Another great thing is how awesome the people are who have left comments on here. They are always thought provoking, intelligent and articulate.

Next have to fill you in on why the blog has not been as active. I am completing a degree (Graduating in November. Holla!), and have been finishing final projects so I just didn't get out to the movies much.

Finally, I want to tell you what's coming up. I have a summer movie round-up I'm working on since I saw them late, I'm going to write micro reviews encapsulated in one post. I also will be write in about some grind house/b-movies I watched recently like "Rubber", "Hobo with a Shotgun", "Shark Night"and "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark". I'm will include those last two in the summer movie micro review, but they also really, really deserve their own posts. I'll also be reviewing the classic B-movies "Brain Damage", "Curse of the Queerwolf", and "Forbidden Planet". If time permits, I may even get some TV posts in there.

Recently I've been interacting more with my classmates, and I notice a trend of young women not liking horror or sci-fi movies. Is this generational? Am I a freak for being a woman who is a total gore-hound and horror-chick?

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  1. My all time favorite horror movie is "IT". Can never get enough of it!!!!

  2. "They all float down here!" Yes! Goveness that movie was great!


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