Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Weird Things I Watch

WARNING: The following post may contain links to material that some may find weird, strange, odd, and possibly disturbing.

    I find the most random things to watch. It started out simple. I would go through the preview guide and stumble upon interesting shows like an odd rerun of Ripley's Believe It or Not or some surgery show on the Discovery Channel or TLC. Then cable upped the ante. Thanks to BBC America, I would find myself watching programs like Married to the Eiffel Tower about objectum-sexual individuals and of course the gift of weird that is Love Me, Love My Doll about men who have "synthetic" girlfriends.

In what I believe is an effort for Discovery Health to be more competitive (especially against TLC's ever increasing success with shows about little people and families who have a hundred children) they began airing programming like My Shocking Story: Tree Man. Then National Geographic threw their hat in the what's the strangest thing we can put on TV race with The girl with 8 limbs.

Then there was youtube. A site that can take you from watching an 80's pop music video, to watching people pop the Biggest Pimple in the World; which was actually a huge MRSA cyst on someone's back that they handled in a kitchen with no surgical gloves, even though it's contagious! Youtube is the holy grail of epic weirdness, and I love it.

Finally there are those courageous souls who make movies despite having no knowledge or talent for writing, directing, lighting, casting, basic CGI or originality. These movies usually air on Chiller or are "Scifi Channel Original" features. It's like they use a mad-libs book to create a storyline and script. 1. Choose a government agency. 2. Find a way an experiment can go wrong. 3. Pick two creatures. 4. Pick a branch of the military. 5. Put glasses on a actor and call them a scientist. Mix in a blender and you get Mansquito or Sharktopus! Lather. Rinse. Repeat. The thing is, the worse the movie the more I want to watch it!

So that's the type of thing I'll be writing about as well as some reality TV, and the odd homage to B-movies of the past. Enjoy!

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