Monday, October 15, 2012

American Horror Story: Asylum (1st 5 minutes!)

The day before yesterday I watched the 1st fives minutes of American Horror Story: Asylum (Sorry kiddos, embedding has been denied). It was posted in the American Horror Story Circle on Google+. I am a fan of the first season of AHS and of their interactive marketing. Remember their companion sites, and the family portrait site?

My hopes are high that they can deliver a season two that is as good as season one. I wish they were still up on their interactivity. Have you seen their American Horror Story House Call site? Apparently last year you could set yourself or your friends up to get a house call from an American Horror Story character, scare tactics style. I haven't seen too much interactivity this year aside from some video shorts on their Facebook page, and of course their Google+ circle. Anyway, I look forward to Wednesday night's premiere.


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