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Trailer Talk: Most and Least Anticipated Horror Movies

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If you know me, then you know that October is one of my favorite months! Most of the TV networks, and cable channels start showing horror movies, and many film companies release their horror movies during the month of October. Some movies I can't wait to see in the theater, others I would watch on TV at home on a Friday night with some popcorn, and others I'd only watch if there was nothing else on. I have made a list of my most, in-between, and least anticipated horror movies based off of their trailers alone. I have created my own rating system that rates the movies: Netflix, $Dollar theater, Matinee, and Opening Night.

Let's start with the movies that look just aight.

First of all, can we stop with this filter? I mean it was cool when Rob Zombie used it for "The Devils Rejects", but it's getting really played out. I'm getting a "Wolf Creek" vibe from this movie. I remember how the trailer for WC claimed that it was so brutal, and scary. Then I went to see it and was so let down. It was slow, boring, and they barely showed any gore. Not that I need to see gore for a movie to be good, but I feel that if a horror movie isn't scary or suspenseful, then at least make up for that with some decent gore.
$Dollar Theater

This didn't look interesting until they showed the parasite. I do however have some reservations, because it is being released on November 2nd. This leads me to believe that the studio didn't think that this movie was good enough to compete with Sinister or Paranormal Activity 4.

I love 3D as much as the next chica, and if I was in high school I would be all over this. However, I am no longer in high school and I take my money more seriously now. This movie is the type that is more fun with a crowd.
$Dollar Theater

Let take a look at the movie that I am more interested in seeing!

This looks really interesting to me, because of the subject matter and the cast. It keeps coming up on horror movie lists, but it looks more like a thriller to me. It has a similar feel to The Devils Advocate. I would definitely go check this out.

This looks pretty good. I've liked Vincent D'Onofrio since "The Cell" (stop looking at me like that, I think The Cell is a seriously underrated movie). Plus it's directed by Jennifer Lynch, daughter of one of my favorite directors David Lynch! Yeah, I am excited for this one.

I don't know why, but Silent Hill always reminded me of "Candy Man". Maybe it's the soundtrack, or the similarities between the lead actresses. I just could never put my finger on it. The thing is Silent Hill looks visually stunning, but it doesn't make you feel any suspense or horror. I actually think that the video game is scarier than the movie. I am hoping that they amped it up for this one.

This probably counts more as a fantasy movie than horror, but it could take a turn for the worse, like Carrie did. I liked Pan's Labyrinth, and Night Breed and both of those movies were horror tinged fantasy. Plus this doesn't look too Twilightish, despite the fact that the lead male looks like a 32 year old high school student.

I like a good slow burn chiller. This looks like a good one. Plus it is directed by Chan Wook Park, the director of Old Boy, otherwise known as one of the most effed up movies I have ever seen. Brilliant, but totally messed up. I'm sure everyone will expect this movie to be equally disturbing. I know I do.
Netflix (Some stuff you just have to watch at home.)

Now for the stuff I am psyched to go see!

I have been hearing about this movie for about a year, and it comes out this Friday (October 5th) in limited release. I missed the video on demand release of it, so I will definitely catch it this week.
Opening Night (Review to come.)

This looks so stupid, that it may be good. I mean once upon a time there was a killer in a hockey mask, and I'm sure people thought, "How is that supposed to be scary?" Well this killer looks like the smiley faced tater tots that they serve in grade school cafeterias.
Opening Night

When just the trailer freaks you out, there is a good probability that the movie can too. It's from the creators of Insidious, a movie that wrecked my life for a week. I mean, I seriously had to sleep with the cartoon network on every night for a week. I have to see this with a crowd!
Opening Night

Some people don't like the PA movies, but I love them. I especially love how they play with technology. I mean how many people have that same security system on their house. I know I do. It was super creepy to hear the "Front door open" announcement in the trailer. Then they take it a step further with the video chatting. How many of us video chat? Finally, they threw the Xbox Kinect in there to thoroughly f#¢k with our heads. I am so there.
Opening Night

Guillermo Del Toro is the man! I would watch him direct traffic, so it goes without saying that I'll be going to see this. Movies with creepy kids are always a win-win for me anyway. The trailer made me jump!
Opening Night

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  1. Wow Director Barry Levinson("Rain Man") must have fallen hard if he is now directing a found footage horror movie. PA 4 does not look scary at all. I liked the first one, but all the rest have been terible. I'm really excited to see Chan Wook Park's first English Language Flick


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