Monday, November 12, 2012

American Horror Story Asylum "Tricks or Treats"

Instead of just writing a play by play recap, this week I just recorded my random thoughts as I watched the show. Like to read 'em, here they go!

Show opens where it left off with this dude chasing horny Leo's horny wife. She locks herself in a cell. We cut to Lana's wife talking to her friends about recanting. She gets killed by the creature.

Who says "Ups my game" in 1964?

They bring in a guy who is possessed and do an excorcism and we learn that sister Jude used to be a floozy when she was in her 50's. (Okay, we learn that it was about 15 years earlier, but they chose not to have a younger actress play the younger Sister June.) We also learn that the psychiatrist may have been adopted. 

They have an exorcism and then the demon jumps into Sister Nervous and she is not nervous anymore.

Dr. Crazy has a fetish for nuns. He hires a prostitute to have dinner with and wear a nuns habit. She finds some photos of women in bondage, some of them with no heads which freaks her out and she escapes. 

Kip tries to escape with Grace and Lana, but Lana blows the whistle because she doesn't want Kip to escape and she has a bit of a crush on Grace, in my opinion.

I'm starting to get into this now, just like last year. I was very meh about the first episode, and then "that's interesting", about the second episode, and then the third episode is was hooked me. I think that this year will be like that too.

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